Sustainable Fabrics

At US Denim, we’re relentlessly innovating to make sustainable denim commercially viable.

  • We have developed a reliable supply chain that can produce any fabric under any sustainable initiative (organic, BCI, recycled, Fair-trade etc) and providing denim made with sustainable alternative fibers.
  • We’re improving the technologies for post-industrial as well as post-consumer denim recycling.
  • We can incorporate yarn recycled from coffee beans.
  • And we can use fiber from recycled plastic bottles.
  • In collaboration with Archroma, we can produce denim garments with 92 percent less water, zero waste-water and 30 percent less energy.
  • We’re also busy creating new blends with a variety of sustainable fibers, including Tencel and bamboo.

US Denim is also driving transformation of basic fiber sourcing.

  • This year, more than 30 percent of the cotton we used was Better-Cotton-Initiative certified, creating better conditions for cotton farmers and farmland. Next year, we’re aiming for 60 percent.
  • We also enable brands to use FairTrade cotton, improving the lives of cotton workers.
  • And we can provide certified organically grown cotton, which leaves the soil intact and chemical-free.


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