From our leaders

I have the privilege of being the founder member of US Apparel Group. The idea of launching a garment business in partnership with Mian Muhammad Ahsan, Chief Executive Officer and founding member was conceived in 1973. A very humble one room operation evolved overtime achieving exponential growth year on year to attain its current size. The present business portfolio of US Group of Companies includes a state of the art denim manufacturing facility producing high quality denim to the entire satisfaction of our local and international customers. Our ability to produce hand crafted garments in line with latest trends and fashions has made us a vendor of choice for retailers and brands in the west. Five garment manufacturing units situated in Lahore produce high quality and innovative garments.

The unprecedented success of the business is attributable to the unrelenting customer focus, adherence to most stringent standards of business ethics, no tolerance for reliance on financial institutions to fund the business, strict adherence to stated Company values, and respect for environment and people.

The second generation is now fully involved in the running of the business and participating in strategic decision making. The transition ensures continuity of the vision and successful ethical business practices and principles of the founding members.

We are deeply committed to our social responsibility. US Group contributes, directly and through other welfare organizations, largely in the fields of education and health. Naimat Saleem Trust has been established by US Group for this purpose. We believe that a healthy and an educated Pakistan will be better placed to face the challenges of the future. Naimat Saleem Trust is always in the forefront in providing relief to those affected by natural disasters.

The founding members also provide critical support to the provincial government, in the industrial, health and education sectors, with the cooperation and help of likeminded entrepreneurs. Trusts and Boards of Management are established from time to time, on the request of the provincial government, to take over and efficiently operate industrial estates, hospitals, training centers etc. These initiatives are undertaken without any personal gain. As a matter of fact personal time and funds are utilized in the larger national interest.

US Group is a progressive and dynamic organization looking forward to investing in new technologies and continued customer satisfaction.

Arshad Javed Bhatti


I am proud to be a member of a motivated, devoted, highly engaged and a winning team responsible for the success of the business which I jointly established with Mr. Javed Arshad Bhatti, Chairman and founding member. What started as a small business venture has grown into one of the biggest vertically integrated denim and garment manufacturing group of companies in Pakistan. The success is directly attributable to the following factors:

  • Customer centricity remains the basic ingredient of our way of life. We at US Group recognize the importance of our international customers and strive to add value by providing R&D and designing support. We hire foreign experts in the areas of manufacturing, product development and R&D to meet the demanding expectations of our customers. Our marketing and R&D experts strive to remain abreast with latest fashions and styles. Our sales and creative teams are always ready to respond to our customer queries through personal interaction.
  • As a stated Company policy, the human resource remains focus of attention. Our HR strategy is to attract, develop, grow and retain talent. We enjoy the status of employer of choice and work hard to retain this envious position. US Group is proud to have a team of leading professionals in all departments of denim and garment manufacturing ably supported by foreign experts based in Pakistan and overseas.
  • The basic contributory factor in the success of US Group is the Values cherished by the founding members and now adopted by the next generation. These values are based on principles of fair play, business ethics and strict adherence to the principle of not leveraging the business.
  • At US Group, sustainability is given the highest priority and importance. To achieve our sustainability goals, investments are made in more efficient hardware and employee and supplier education. The US Group is proud to be recognized as the pioneer in the field of producing denim fabric using recycled threads from raw denim and washed jeans fabric. We comply fully with the very stringent environment protection laws of our country and customer requirements.

We are looking forward to some exciting times in terms of growth opportunities being presented by the international markets. Our strategic approach will continue to be customer centric, innovation and sustainability achieved through exceptionally talented, motivated and committed human resource.

Mian Muhammad Ahsan

Chief Executive Officer